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Sannaliina  Kuussaari


Sannaliina Kuussaari is a Finnish designer and artist born in 1970. She comes from an educated and creative family. Her mother, a crafts teacher and father, an architect, gave her a vast knowledge of arts and culture, so she grew up knowing only that she would be an artist.

When she was young she sat on her father's desk looking and learning about art of precice planning and use of pens that had a tip as thin as a hair. So at very early age she learned about professional drawing techniques and started to practice Calligraphy and drawing lifelike birds when she was less than ten years of age.

For several years she studied various fine art printing techniques before her studies in University of Art and Design, Helsinki (now known as Aalto University), from where she graduated in 2003. Her major studies were in field of Glass and Ceramics Design under the Department of Design, but surprisingly she made her final work for Tulikivi Company in cooperation with Nuutajärvi glass factory. Tulikivi gave her full freedom to create something innovative out of marbles and granites. So she created a series of decorative modules for kitchen countertops and other surfaces, utilizing stone manufacturing's remnants. Her own trademark and company Design Kuu was started.

After her MA studies Sannaliina participated in Marimekko's product design competition, and found again her passion for colours and picture-making. Soon she started designing her own collection of Design Kuu bed linens with bright colours and unique patterns, some of them created by utilizing mathemathical algorithms. In 2012 she started putting her visions also onto finest bone china as a designer for Elinno Co. Ltd..

Among the achievements of Sannaliina Kuussaari are the honorary mention in series Ceramics for Use at the Worlds 1st Ceramic Biennale Exhibition in Korea 2001, Savcor Coatings Ltd's Brilliant Surfaces Product Design Competition's Honorary mention in 2005, and Pohjola Insurance Company’s Fine art print competition's 1st prize 1995. Her designs have been presented in books Design in Finland 2003-04 and Finnish Design Yearbook 2012-13.

The passion for colour is deep in her. She says: “I always find myself thinking of incorporating colours into my designs. It does not matter what the material is: stone, textile or porcelain, I love to play with colours. I also seek inspiration from the clean and beautiful nature of Finland. With the family we enjoy the sea as much as the deepest forests. Nature's influence can be seen in forms and curves of my objects. Sometimes the inspiration of nature is more hidden and will reveal itself as a surprise. I always follow my heart and that usually leads into use of vivid colours and even extravagant patterns. I try to think innovatively about everything I do. I aim to create something that You can truly love. Then it will last.

If I can make people happy with my designs and use of colour, I have succeeded in my work!”











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